We are currently designing and running programs in and around Cambridge.

With each program we seek to work with the public school district, the after school community, or with a local business partner.

Pivotal Mentors "Learn To Code"

We've partnered up with Pivotal Labs to create a coding program designed to give students from all backgrounds positive experiences with software development.

The program focuses on connecting students with passionate mentors in an interesting setting and helping them to learn code while they explore interesting challenges, complex math problems, artistic expression, and self expression through code.

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Forge Your Unique Path

We are developing a program in collaboration with a local youth center to help students think about their interests, their strengths, their future, and problems in the world they want to solve.

We are currently exploring two areas of focus. The first, more general area, is working with students one-on-one, interviewing them about their interests and brainstorming other areas of interest before exploring different ways to pursue those interests.

The second area will focus on students who have decided that their only interest is sports; that playing professional sports is their only path toward a successful adult life.

With both groups the goal will be to help students think through their future and various options. We aren't trying to explicitly change their mind or discourage any path, simply to brainstorm on how to best pursue and potentially expand their goals.

Status: In Development

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The Innovator's Compass

One of The Puzzle School's advisors, Ela Ben-Ur, is a 15 year veteran of the world-renowned design firm, Ideo. Drawing on her experiences at IDEO Ela has created the Innovator's Compass, a simplified framework for engaging in Design Thinking.

We are working with Ela to design programs that leverage the Innovator's Compass and Design Thinking toward problems that are personally important to students. This may range from choosing a college to a fight with a significant other or family member. In each situation student will be asked to observe their situation, brainstorm on what matters most, think through possible future, think through experiments they could try to achieve their goal, and then repeat.

Status: In Development

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Drawing In Code

The Puzzle School is collaborating with David Ng, the founder of Vertical Learning Labs, to develop an online resource designed to support an exploration of artistic observation and computational thinking. Essentially students will learn how to teach a computer to draw and design games.

Through a series of challenges students will develop their ability to observe their physical world and translate that into code so that a computer can draw it. From there students will be able to animate their drawing and make them interactive (games).

The eventual goal is to support students toward projects of their own design that can then be shared with friends and family.

Status: In Development

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